Are You a Maryland Subcontractor?

Are You a Maryland Subcontractor?

Consult a business contract attorney in the Ellicott City area

Are you a:

  • Roofer?
  • Plumber?
  • Painter?
  • Carpenter?
  • Or electrician?

If you work as a subcontractor in the Ellicott City, Maryland area, contact my firm, The Law Office of Lisa M. Goldblatt. As your lawyer, I'll protect your rights as an industry professional. By working with a qualified lawyer, you'll avoid costly litigation in the future. I'll make sure you're signing a contract that's both lucrative and fair.

Ms. Goldblatt has Represented clients in all types of simple and complex civil litigation including regular appearances in all state courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia as well as the United States District Courts for Maryland and the District of Columbia. Ms. Goldblatt skillfully guides clients through each phase of litigation from drafting initial pleadings, discovery, depositions, mediation and trial (bench and jury trial). Areas of litigation include, but are not limited to:

Construction Practice/Litigation: Construction litigation involving failure to pay, fraudulent back charges, incomplete responses to RFAs, and failure to maintain construction timeline. Also responsible for representing contractors in contract negotiation and contract drafting.

MBE Compliance and Prompt Payment: Maintained causes of action in both the Circuit Court and claims through the Governor's Office of Minority Affairs for failure to pay under the Prompt Payment Act and failure to comply with the requirements for refusal to pay minor subcontractor.

EEOC Litigation and Compliance: Worked with employers to ensure they are meeting EEOC standards. Also employers in claims filed against the employer by current/former employees.

Collection litigation: Small and large claims for unpaid bills, accounts receivable, delivery of perishable goods.

Human Resource/Employee matters: Worked with companies to make sure their internal policies are up to date and meet that particular company's needs.

Commercial Construction: Representing clients in reviewing contracts, data collection (general contractors and subcontractors) pay advices, punch lists, change orders, requests for information (RFAs), and project bids as well as travelled with client to work sites to review client operations. Work with architects and other experts regarding structural delays, mechanical delays, and other delays on construction sites.

General Business Services: Representation includes reviewing restaurant franchise agreements, labor/employee agreements, zoning and regulatory site location documents, zoning permits, health department permits, employee manuals, stock purchase agreements, as well as working with clients to ensure compliance with OSHA, FMLA, EEO, workman's compensation and other tax compliance related requirements. Services also include data collection and review of financial data including but not limited to pay advices, expense reports, pay roll itemization, and client commissions.

File litigation as a subcontractor in Ellicott City, MD

Were you taken advantage of while working as a subcontractor? Are you owed money for residential or commercial work?

If so, get in touch with The Law Office of Lisa M. Goldblatt. I can file effective litigation on your behalf. I'll show you options for standing up for your legal rights as a worker. Call 443-574-5037 today to schedule a consultation.