Howard County Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Protecting Your Parental Rights

At The Law Office of Lisa M. Goldblatt, I represent fathers in their paternity, divorce and child custody proceedings. Historically, mothers were the presumptive choice in child custody proceedings, however, Maryland's laws have come a long way since the 1980s, and fathers are now given equal consideration when determining who will receive custody of the kids.

If you are looking for a caring and knowledgeable attorney who will zealously protect your rights to your children, I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible. While it is ideal for parents to agree on a child custody arrangement with the assistance of their respective attorneys, coming to an amicable decision is not always realistic, and mediation or court intervention may be imminent.

Despite the evolution of the fathers' rights movement, you may still find yourself worried about the future of your relationship with your children and how divorce will impact the integrity of your relationship with them. I am innately sensitive to these concerns and will do everything to address them and find proactive legal solutions.

Dedicated to legal excellence, clients benefit from:

  • I am patient and always welcome questions.
  • I seek to give fathers confidence in their case.
  • I respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours.
  • I offer flat-fee consultations.

Personalized Legal Representation in Ellicott City

The Maryland courts state that child custody and visitation decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the children. Instead of their being an exhaustive list of factors that the court uses to base a decision, the court considers the "totality of the circumstances" surrounding the case.

If you are a father who wants to assert your rights by spending more time with your child, you will benefit by having an Ellicott City divorce attorney who will diligently protect your parental rights while pursuing the outcome that you desire.

I believe that family comes first above all else, and when it comes to divorce, access to your children is paramount. I can assist fathers in in every situation fathomable, including:

  • Seeking custody in a divorce
  • Child custody modifications
  • Child support modifications
  • Paternity actions
  • Child abuse/neglect

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If you are a father whose rights to custody or visitation have been compromised by your child's other parent, or if you want to play more of an integral role in your child's life, I encourage you to contact my office immediately for the tailored legal representation that you need and deserve.